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Name:Detective Danny Messer
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
It can be inferred that Danny grew up on Long Island, in a family under surveillance. As a result, he formed his own set of hybrid ethics, caught between the world of lawbreakers and law enforcers. Though very little is known about the Messer family, Danny openly admits that he has had a very rocky relationship with his older brother, Louie, since a fateful night in 1991. After promising to take Danny to Atlantic City with some of his friends, they stopped off at Giants stadium where Louie and two others began to severely beat a drug dealer, telling him it was an initiation into the Tanglewood Boys gang. When Danny protested, Louie called him a disgrace and told him to leave. It was later revealed that Louie sent Danny away to prevent any involvement in the subsequent murder of that drug dealer. Despite the strained relationship that resulted, Danny would later come to lend money to Louie on more than one occasion. While Danny and his older brother grew apart in their teenage years, it can be said that they were close as children, since Danny fondly recalls rowing in "the bay" with his brother in their grandfather's boat to dive for bottles. He goes on to say that on one occasion their boat drifted into the harbor, and they were taken home by the Coast Guard, much to the dismay of their mother who, in turn, didn't speak much to her youngest son for a week thereafter, he describes it as "the quietest week ever."After graduating first in his class at the NYPD Police Academy Danny was chosen by CSI team leader Mac Taylor to join his team, an honor and a responsibility that he attempts to live up to each day.

Danny attended college and played minor league baseball until his wrist was broken during a baseball game that he was playing in. He took a ball in the head, and before he had a chance to do the same to the pitcher, the benches were cleared and he got caught up in the pile-up, shattering his wrist and ending any hopes for a career as a baseball player. He is a very good handball player, once using his skills to acquire evidence.

Danny has displayed a tendency to follow his intuition when solving a case, rather than relying on the evidence, for which Mac has reprimanded him. He was also once reprimanded for working to solve a case even after being ordered by Mac to move on to another one due to the victim having died a natural death. Danny is a very suspicious person; though he gets along well with the rest of the CSI team, Detective Don Flack is one of the few people he truly confides in. Danny was implicated in a 15-year-old cold murder case. Louie is severely beaten by the gang and left in a coma after attempting to prove Danny's innocence. With Mac's help, Danny eventually clears his name, thanks to a taped confession from the real killer.

Danny Messer is from the television show CSI: NY to which I have no rights or ownership over. Danny is not my creation just having fun with him. I also claim no rights to Carmine Giovinazzo who portrays Danny Messer. Danny, Carmine, as well as myself are over the age of eighteen. As such there will be adult concepts such as sex as well as mentions of murder, rape, and abuse.
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